Tap into the Crypto Community and Raise More Funds for Your Cause

1- Did you know that you can donate to your favorite charity with crypto and save money on fees and taxes?

2- Coino Live is a platform that allows you to support nonprofits with cryptocurrency, which is fast, secure, and transparent. You can choose from hundreds of charities and causes, and track your donations in real time.

Crypto Donations: A Win-win for Donors and Charities

Save more, Give more:
Crypto donations can be sent and received with minimal fees, compared to traditional payment methods that charge high fees for cross-border transfers,k currency conversions, and processing. This means more money goes to the charity and less to the middlemen.

Donating with Confidence:
Crypto donations can be made anonymously, or with a pseudonym, which protects the identity and personal information of the donors. Crypto donations are also encrypted and verified by a network of computers, which makes them resistant to fraud, hacking, and censorship.

Giving Smarter:
Crypto donations can offer tax benefits for donors, depending on their jurisdiction and tax status.

Reaching Out to the Crypto Community:
Crypto donations can help charities reach a new and diverse audience of donors, who are passionate about social causes and innovations.

How to Start?
Accept Crypto Donation for Charity
Accept Cryptocurrency Donation for Charity

Make Your Donations Desirable

More Choices:
In Coino Live, you can donate to as many verified nonprofits and charities as you want, covering a wide range of causes and missions. Whether you care about education, health, environment, human rights, or animal welfare, you can find a charity that matches your values and interests.

More Rewards:
In Coino Live, you can earn rewards for your donations, such as badges, tokens. These rewards can be used to access exclusive content, events, and opportunities from our partner organizations. You can also showcase your generosity and impact on your social media and profile.

More Impact:
In Coino Live, you can track your dominations and see how they are used by the charities. You can also get feedback and updates from the beneficiaries and the staff. You can see the difference your donations make in real time and in a transparent way.

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How do I sign up for your service and start donating with crypto?

Sign up for a free account on our website. Choose your preferred payment settings and currency options. Receive payments in crypto or fiat and withdraw them to your wallet or bank account.

What are the benefits of donating with crypto compared to other payment methods?

You should check out Coino Live crypto payment gateway, which is the best platform for crypto donations. Coino Live offers more choices, more reward, more impact.

How do you ensure the security and privacy of my crypto donations?

Security and privacy are very important for us and our donors. We take several measures to ensure that your crypto donations are safe and secure.