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At Coino live, we empower businesses to embrace the future of finance by seamlessly integrating GNO payments. With our user-friendly and secure platform, you can start accepting GNO quickly and efficiently.
accept Gnosis payments
Gnosis (GNO) pioneers decentralized infrastructure on Ethereum, rooted in experimentation and fostering decentralized frameworks within the Ethereum ecosystem. Established in 2015, Gnosis initially focused on prediction markets, aiming to democratize access to reliable information. As the prediction market platform evolved, it became evident that Gnosis needed to lay the foundation for the required infrastructure. Hence, Gnosis Safe emerged as a necessary solution.
Operating as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Gnosis provides infrastructure for diverse decentralized applications (dApps) while crafting products that transparently steer decisions concerning ecosystem development, support, and governance.
In a pivotal move in November 2021, the xDAI and GnosisDAO communities jointly voted to merge their vibrant ecosystems, birthing the Gnosis Chain. This Ethereum-compatible network tackles scalability issues through robust engineering, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the Ethereum sphere.
Smart business owners know the importance of staying updated and following trends. Nowadays, accepting cryptocurrency, like Gnosis, is as easy as using credit cards. By letting customers pay with GNO, you can attract more buyers, leading to increased earnings.
  • Seamless integration: Add GNO payments to your website or app in minutes with our simple API.
  • Secure and reliable: Trust our secure platform with industry-leading compliance and fraud prevention.
  • Fast and affordable: Receive Gnosis payments instantly and enjoy competitive transaction fees.
  • Dedicated support: Get expert guidance and personalized support from our knowledgeable team.

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