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The current price of Holo (HOT) stands at $0.01000, accompanied by a trading volume of $175.303M over the past 24 hours. HOT has surged by 25.8% in this timeframe. However, it is presently up by 34.4%.

What Is Holo

Holo operates as a peer-to-peer distributed platform designed for hosting decentralized applications using Holochain, a framework that diverges from traditional blockchain technology. Its primary objective is to act as a conduit between the broader internet and Holochain-built apps, establishing an ecosystem and marketplace where DApps are readily accessible, hosted on the internet through participants within the Holo network.
The network's functionality hinges on a token named HoloFuel, currently undergoing active testing. This token serves as an accounting system, compensating hosts for their services. Initially, in 2018, the project introduced an ERC-20 token known as HOT or HoloToken, functioning as an "IOU" redeemable for HoloFuel upon the official launch.
As of the moment, Holo remains under development, with plans for an open alpha and beta testing launch anticipated to occur by 2021.

Where to Accept hot?

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What is the all-time high for Holo (hot)?

Holo’s historic highest price is $0.03127, which was recorded on 5th of April 2021. Currently, Holo’s price is %84.2 Lower than its historic high.

What is the all-time low for Holo (hot)?

Holo’s historic lowest price is $0.00022, which was recorded on 1st of January 1970. Currently, Holo’s price is %2146.3 Higher than its historic low.

What are the most important factors affecting the price of Holo (hot)?

Let's take a look at the important factors that impact Holo's worth, such as how many people want to buy or sell it and how available it is. Other influences include what's being said about it on the news and internet, changes in the global economy and politics, and rules Governments set for using it.

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