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The current price of MANE (MANE) stands at $0.01000, accompanied by a trading volume of $8,248 over the past 24 hours. MANE has declined by -1.0% in this timeframe. However, it is presently up by 10.1%.

What Is MANE

MANE was born out of ScottCryptoWarrior's vision to establish a vibrant cryptocurrency community on Telegram. It aims to cater to both emerging projects and enthusiasts in the crypto space, fostering connections and spreading knowledge about the dynamic landscape and innovative projects within it.
At the heart of the MANE token lies a deflationary mechanism tailored specifically for the cryptocurrency realm. It serves as a beacon for authentic projects, providing a platform for them to showcase their innovations to investors weary of scams and fraudulent schemes prevalent in the crypto sphere.
MANE endeavors to connect projects with savvy investors, creating an environment where members can conduct thorough research before diving into investments.
The token's intrinsic value is deeply intertwined with its tokenomics and reflects its core ethos—Marketing. As the project gains momentum and popularity, its value increases. This growth is primarily driven by promotional activities such as Ask Me Anything sessions, Pinned Posts, integration of Project Contracts into Buybot, Giveaway Fees, and Twitter Spaces.
Each of these initiatives generates revenue for MANE, facilitating the buyback of tokens. These bought-back tokens are subsequently burned from the supply, reinforcing its deflationary nature.

Where to Accept mane?

We offer easy crypto currency payment solutions through our service, allowing you to receive MANE and over 223 other digital monies. Improve your customers' experiences and broaden your payment choices without hassle.

What is the all-time high for MANE (mane)?

MANE’s historic highest price is $0.02515, which was recorded on 12th of May 2024. Currently, MANE’s price is %55.6 Lower than its historic high.

What is the all-time low for MANE (mane)?

MANE’s historic lowest price is $0.00061, which was recorded on 1st of January 1970. Currently, MANE’s price is %1715.8 Higher than its historic low.

What are the most important factors affecting the price of MANE (mane)?

Let's take a look at the important factors that impact MANE's worth, such as how many people want to buy or sell it and how available it is. Other influences include what's being said about it on the news and internet, changes in the global economy and politics, and rules Governments set for using it.

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