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The current price of TrueUSD (TUSD) stands at $1.00000, accompanied by a trading volume of $26.071M over the past 24 hours. TUSD has declined by 0.0% in this timeframe. However, it is presently down by 0.0%.

What Is TrueUSD

TUSD stands out as the inaugural digital asset with live on-chain confirmations from independent third-party institutions, backed 1:1 by the U.S. dollar (USD). It's been featured on over 100 trading platforms including Binance and Huobi and operates across 12 leading public chains such as Ethereum, TRON, Avalanche, BSC, Fantom, and Polygon. TrueUSD undergoes real-time attestation by a specialized U.S.-based accounting firm, ensuring a 1:1 ratio between its USD reserve and circulating token supply, maintaining a 100% collateral rate.
The integration of Chainlink PoR enhances TrueUSD as the pioneering USD-backed stablecoin, securing minting processes and reinforcing transparency and reliability. Users have continual access to pertinent data via the official website tusd.io. Notably, TUSD has gained legal status as an authorized digital currency and exchange medium in the Commonwealth of Dominica, effective from October 7th, 2022.

Where to Accept tusd?

We offer easy crypto currency payment solutions through our service, allowing you to receive TrueUSD and over 215 other digital monies. Improve your customers' experiences and broaden your payment choices without hassle.

What is the all-time high for TrueUSD (tusd)?

TrueUSD ’s historic highest price is $1.62, which was recorded on 26th of August 2018. Currently, TrueUSD ’s price is %38.2 Lower than its historic high.

What is the all-time low for TrueUSD (tusd)?

TrueUSD ’s historic lowest price is $0.88355, which was recorded on 1st of January 1970. Currently, TrueUSD ’s price is %13.1 Higher than its historic low.

What are the most important factors affecting the price of TrueUSD (tusd)?

Let's take a look at the important factors that impact TrueUSD 's worth, such as how many people want to buy or sell it and how available it is. Other influences include what's being said about it on the news and internet, changes in the global economy and politics, and rules Governments set for using it.

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