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The current price of Nano (XNO) stands at $0.95000, accompanied by a trading volume of $1.527M over the past 24 hours. XNO has declined by -4.9% in this timeframe. However, it is presently down by 0.0%.

What Is Nano

Marketed as the new era's "electronic cash," Nano stands out as a streamlined digital currency engineered to enable safe, near-instantaneous transactions at no cost, overcoming several key challenges associated with traditional financial systems and numerous digital currencies.
The initiative took root in 2014, originally named RaiBlocks, and its currency, initially known as XRB, was introduced in the subsequent year via a public faucet. This system permitted individuals to earn small quantities of XRB by solving captcha puzzles. This opportunity was open to anyone with a computer or smartphone, with the quantity of XRB awarded per captcha fluctuating over time.
In January 2018, RaiBlocks underwent a transformation to Nano, a name reflecting the project's commitment to swift and straightforward user experiences.
Nano operates on a decentralized peer-to-peer framework, utilizing an innovative block-lattice structure that streamlines the process of value exchange between users, bypassing the need for central authorities.
Diverging from the norm, Nano doesn't rely on the extensive proof-of-work mechanism used by many mining networks to reach consensus. Instead, it employs Open Representative Voting (ORV), a system where account holders nominate representatives who then validate transaction blocks reliably.
Thanks to ORV, Nano is remarkably energy-efficient, establishing itself as an eco-conscious choice compared to cryptocurrencies dependent on proof-of-work (POW).
In a strategic move in November 2021, to align Nano with real-world applications and adhere to the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) benchmarks, Nano embraced a fresh ticker and symbol: XNO and Ӿ, respectively.

Where to Accept xno?

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What is the all-time high for Nano (xno)?

Nano’s historic highest price is $33.69, which was recorded on 2nd of January 2018. Currently, Nano’s price is %97.2 Lower than its historic high.

What is the all-time low for Nano (xno)?

Nano’s historic lowest price is $0.02618, which was recorded on 1st of January 1970. Currently, Nano’s price is %3512.1 Higher than its historic low.

What are the most important factors affecting the price of Nano (xno)?

Let's take a look at the important factors that impact Nano's worth, such as how many people want to buy or sell it and how available it is. Other influences include what's being said about it on the news and internet, changes in the global economy and politics, and rules Governments set for using it.

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