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The current price of Yield Guild Games (YGG) stands at $0.48000, accompanied by a trading volume of $63.365M over the past 24 hours. YGG has declined by -7.3% in this timeframe. However, it is presently down by -11.6%.

What Is Yield Guild Games

Yield Guild Games (YGG) stands as the world's primary and largest web3 gaming guild, offering players a space to connect with their community, explore diverse games, and progress collectively. The overarching goal is to establish itself as the foremost community-driven user acquisition platform in the realm of web3 gaming.
Functioning as a network of gaming guilds dedicated to web3 games, YGG is unwavering in its commitment to fostering success among its members in web3 gaming. This commitment is realized through innovative initiatives like Superquests and the Guild Advancement Program (GAP), empowering members to enhance their on-chain identity via a reputation system based on achievements.
Originating in the Philippines and evolving into a global network featuring regional guilds, YGG has forged partnerships with over 80 blockchain games and infrastructure projects. This expansive reach caters to a continuously growing community of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts.

Where to Accept ygg?

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What is the all-time high for Yield Guild Games (ygg)?

Yield Guild Games’s historic highest price is $11.17, which was recorded on 20th of November 2021. Currently, Yield Guild Games’s price is %95.8 Lower than its historic high.

What is the all-time low for Yield Guild Games (ygg)?

Yield Guild Games’s historic lowest price is $0.12560, which was recorded on 1st of January 1970. Currently, Yield Guild Games’s price is %274.7 Higher than its historic low.

What are the most important factors affecting the price of Yield Guild Games (ygg)?

Let's take a look at the important factors that impact Yield Guild Games's worth, such as how many people want to buy or sell it and how available it is. Other influences include what's being said about it on the news and internet, changes in the global economy and politics, and rules Governments set for using it.

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